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DISCOVER how Distributed Ledger solves real gaming problems, including in-game asset ownership.

CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES in Merge: Eternal Battlegrounds, a turn-based tactical arena skirmish game created for true gamers - by true gamers.

EXPLORE the post-apocalyptic world where engaging PvP battles go hand in hand with a great story and exclusively rich lore.

Flaws Of The Gaming Industry

Developers Are The Owners Of Your In-Game Assets

In most cases, a game forbid players to share or trade items. Even when players pay real money, all in-game assets legally belong to the game developer.

Dangers Of The Grey Market

Many players are forced to trade in the grey market, and become victims of scammers. If caught by the game developer, their accounts are suspended.

Exploitation Of Distributed Ledger

Recent explosion of cryptopet games is a greedy misuse of decentralization possibilities. An obvious money-grab pretending to be a game.

Our Solutions

You Are The Property Owner

All Merge: Eternal Battlegrounds in-game items are stored on Distributed Ledger. Players maintain complete ownership of their assets and are free to trade them as they wish.

Trade Freely And Safely

Merge: Eternal Battlegrounds allows you to sell or buy assets inside and outside the game. This will eliminate risks for gamers and sweep out the scammers.

A Thrilling, Full-Blooded Game

Merge: Eternal Battlegrounds is a highly competitive video game with stunning 3D models, marvellous animations and most importantly, strong gameplay.


Take the role of an Immortal, an undying being irresistibly compelled to battle others of your kind on the battlegrounds of post-apocalyptic magical Earth. An Earth where Humans, Orcs, Dwarves and Elves struggle to establish their dominance. A world where new forms of wildlife rule the land and unknown monsters roam the seas, while civilization is scarce and scattered around the globe.

Control a Warband of 5 characters and fight other Immortals in Player versus Player battles. Experience the wonders of magical Earth via deep storytelling and rich lore in Single Player Campaigns that span multiple episodes.

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Acquire Characters by combining the 3 different Aspects of Class, Race and Element. For example, combining the Rogue Class with Human Race and Wind Element will create a Human Wind Rogue Character. Each Aspect will have its own minimum and maximum values. These values will be randomized when combined, so each Character will have different stats and skill sets.

You will also combine your previously created Characters to get more powerful variations. Combining options will be infinite. This will create boundless possibilities for unique Characters and Battle tactics.

Control a warband of 5 characters and fight your opponents in turned-based tactical battles.

The action will take place on a custom Battleground created by both players. You will have to establish your dominance by inventing unique tactics and strategies.

Compete in two types of seasonal ladders (Normal and Hardcore) and win unique prizes.

Each season will last for 3 months and will feature trophies designed for that particular season only.

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Business Model

Distributed Ledger technology will allow us to disrupt the traditional Trading Card Game business model. As well as to introduce a new financing philosophy with a fresh approach to the modern economy.

A Brand New Approach

The traditional TCG business model builds wealth by selling as much cards as possible. Merge: Eternal Battlegrounds won’t sell any cards. Instead, the players will acquire the cards by playing the game and enjoying the full gaming experience for free.

Free Market Benefits

All in-game deals will be processed in our Tokens. Players will trade in-game items in a decentralized free market. By not selling cards ourselves, we are not setting their price. The Invisible hand of the free market will take care of that.


Merge: Eternal Battlegrounds will provide an in-game Auction House, where players will be able to sell their items for a small fee. Furthermore, we’ll sell unique cosmetic items and various services, which will not affect gameplay.

Cash Flow Projection

In game transaction cut
Ladder entrance fee
2019 2020 2021 2022 2023


2017 October

Merge: Eternal Battlegrounds Idea


2017 November

Secured 150k Eur Budget


2017 December

Start Working On Game Design And Prototyping


2018 Q3

Game Design Blueprint Finished


2019 Q1

Start Of Game Development

2019 Q3

Finalising Base Game Mechanics

2019 Q4

First Pre-Alpha Playable Build

2020 and Beyond

Development of Different Play Modes And New Game Features


Šarūnas Ledas

Always looking for fresh solutions and aiming for highest quality in games and visual apps, Šarūnas is a well-known figure in the gaming industry. He is a Co-founder and CEO of Tag of Joy, a game development studio that has garnered international success with games like Monster Buster: World Invasion and Bear Care, as well as numerous awards for other products. A passionate gamer himself, Šarūnas also teaches coding at Vilnius University and is a board member of Lithuanian Game Developers Association. 

Žilvinas Ledas
Lead Developer

Gaming industry virtuoso, Co-founder and CTO of Tag of Joy game development studio. Žilvinas develops games, interactive visualizations, graphical applications and mobile apps for iPhone, Android and other platforms. His trophy shelf is packed with multiple game development awards for Monster Buster: World Invasion, Bear Care and other projects. Žilvinas holds a PhD in Computer Science and teaches a Video Game Design & Development course at Vilnius University. He is also a board member of Lithuanian Game Developers Association.

Justas Gatelis
Concept/Character Artist

A brilliant artist with a passion for fantasy/sci-fi illustrations, whose talented pencil has drawn such popular games as Battle Towers, Shrek’s Craze Party Games, Barbie as the Island Princess, Falling Stars, and even illustrations for IQ Economist. Working in entertainment industry for more than decade, Justas has learned the subtleties and skills necessary for game development, movies, and various other media. 

Jonas Petrauskas
Concept/Character Artist

A gifted artist and a passionate game lover, Jonas has chosen the gaming industry as a way of life. In his 5 years of experience in game art creation, Jonas has worked for various companies and built a large portfolio of different games: From small niche projects to titles played by millions around the globe.

Justas Brazauskas
Co-founder. CEO/Design Director

From data analyst to UI/UX Specialist, from Project Manager to Project Lead. In the IT sector, Justas knows it all. However, his heart was always in the gaming industry. Justas was the Co-founder of Coil Gaming, a pan-European tournament organizer for a variety of eSports titles, including Hearthstone and Overwatch. Also, Justas had taken the role of Project Manager for the illustrated text-based RPG Book Of Secrets, which was widely praised among Lithuanian geeks.

Simonas Jatkonis
Co-founder. Creative Director

An accomplished Film Scriptwriter and Freelance Assistant Director, Simonas has a long trail of storytelling experience. He has a clear vision of how stories are born: From a scribble on a piece of paper, to a full-fledged screenplay, to an Audience award-winning short film shown on both national TV and schools across the country. Simonas is also the author of the illustrated text-based RPG Book Of Secrets, an experimental project that has garnered wide acclaim in the Lithuanian geek community.

Aleksandras Gaška
Co-founder. COO

A blockchain-minded and success-oriented business developer has worked as a community manager and been responsible for partnerships in multiple ICOs (Monetha, carVertical and Mysterium Network). Now Aleksandras brings his top-notch blockchain knowledge and fundraising experience to the video game industry table.

Laurynas Jurgila
3D/Character artist

Laurynas started creating 3D graphics with Blender software 8 years ago, now Laurynas can also call himself a master when it comes to Zbrush and 3D Coat. An artist who specializes in hand painted style models. Laurynas’s first clients noticed his talent on his Youtube channel and this boosted his career. Since those days, Laurynas has been working on various desktop and mobile games.

Gediminas Cibulskis

A storyteller at work and in real life, Gediminas has 15 years of experience in advertising and communications. With a Master’s degree in philology, he is a tough one to beat when it comes to both written and visual stories. Gediminas has a wide collection of trophies, including Cannes Young Lions. He is the author of a popular Lithuanian interactive tale that was awarded at the LOGIN festival. A team member of carVertical, the successful automotive industry startup which raised more than 20 million US dollars.

Arnas Purlys
UI/UX, Graphic designer

A skillful design master has created numerous web and apps designs, including appearance of a few most popular web portals in Baltics. Web design, UI/UX, branding and art direction expert can boast more than 10 years of experience in the field. Was two times awarded in LOGIN, technologies and innovation festival.

Adomas Baltagalvis
Performance Marketing Specialist

A fantastic ROI Channels Performance Marketer with 6 years experience of success stories. A globally famous digital marketer with a wide portfolio of outstanding projects. Adomas was the primary advertiser of seven multi-million crowdfunding campaigns, including ZeTime, Filippo Loreti and Superscreen. Also a marketer and investor at carVertical.

Developer team

Zorian Ivanec
Game Developer

Zorian is a prodigy of gameplay programming on the Unity platform with 5 years of experience under his belt. He is the programmer of choice when you need a reliable professional for platform-specific programming. When not coding games and lecturing programming at Vilnius University, Zorian teaches… lindy hop dancing.

Justinas Malijonis
Game Developer

An enthusiastic game developer and programmer who loves working on digital media and entertainment projects. Currently, Justinas is focused on coding with Unity (C#). His portfolio also includes multiple Adobe Flash (ActionScript) web games.

Laurynas Žuromskas
Game Developer

Coding is his love and game development is his passion. Laurynas is fluent not only in C#, JavaScript and Python, but also English, Spanish, Lithuanian and Russian.

Tag of Joy
Development Studio

Tag of Joy is an award-winning, creativity-powered company focused on game development for multiple platforms. The team joined Merge: Eternal Battlegrounds as a result of their main passion: to create high-quality games that stand out from the crowd and bring a new approach to the market.

AI Development

Perfection.AI is a far-famed name in the industry offering AI-based optimization platform for game developers. Artificial intelligence solutions in our game will be used for player battles against AI and to help us speed up the balancing of game mechanics.


Renaldas Zioma
Unity Technologies

A gaming industry Guru, a Wizard of AI and ML.

Gamedev experience: Unity Technologies (Shepherd), Electronic Arts (Graphics Programmer), DICE (Senior Graphics Programmer), Wireframe Dreams (Lead Programmer), Ivolgamus (Console Programmer).

Areas of expertise: ML development, AI development, technical leadership.

Dmitry Shtainer

The Master, involved in the video game industry for the last 25 years.

Gamedev experience: StikiPixels (Co-Founder&CTO), DisplayLink (VR Engineer), Studio Transcendent (VR Engineer), Splash Damage (Technical Lead), Pixonic (Technical Director), Sony Online Entertainment (Senior Programmer), Garage Games (Technical Director), Monolith Productions (Senior Software Engineer), Unity Technologies (Lead Programmer), EA (Senior Software Engineer) and many more.

Areas of expertise: video/mobile games development & design, VR, MR, CG development.

Audrius Kučinskas

Full Stack Engineer, the tech visionary.

Corporate experience: carVertical (Co-Owner&CTO), Showaround (iOS Developer, DevOps Engineer), Nabaka LLC (DevOps Engineer).

Areas of expertise: distributed ledger technology, iOS development, DevOps engineering.

Robertas Boravskis

Digital marketing and communication guru.

Corporate experience: carVertical (Co-Owner), GPSWOX (Co-Owner), (Co-Owner).

Areas of expertise: digital marketing, entrepreneurship, startup acceleration.

Rhonda M. Salvestrini
Managing Director, DSC&CCO
Rhonda Salvestrini Communications

Communications and storytelling expert.

Corporate experience: Rhonda Salvestrini Communications (Managing Director, DSC&CCO), Forcepoint (Director, Director of Communications), BAE Systems (Head of Publications), Sony Computer Entertainment America - Playstation (Senior Principal Manager of Communications), ImageWare Systems (Senior Manager of Publications).

Areas of expertise: communications, strategic planning, project management, software documentation, technical writing.

Dave Beck
Opera Event

All-round Maestro of the Industry.

Corporate experience: Opera Event (Co-Founder&CPO), Adaptive Path at Capital One (Senior Desing Manager), Rogue Play, Inc. (Executive Producer, Lead Producer), Zynga (Manager, Game Designer), Electronic Arts (Project Lead).

Areas of expertise: video/mobile games business development, marketing, production & design.

Łukasz Szczepankowski
Lead Technical Designer

Gameplay systems developing captain.

Experience: CD PROJEKT RED (Lead Technical Designer, Game Mechanics and Tools Coordinator, etc.), Warsaw Film School (University lecturer).

Areas of expertise: video games development & design, game mechanics, quest & level design.

Cornelius Rost
Avory Labs UG (Jobfox)

Digital marketing and start-ups virtuoso.

Corporate experience: (Managing Director, Product & Marketing), Blue Lion Mobile (Co-Founder, Managing Director, Product & Marketing), Nintendo (European Brand Manager), Ciao (VP Marketing & Sales).

Areas of expertise: digital marketing, online advertising, strategic partnerships.

Grant Marzette
Quality Assurance Manager

Video games professional, quality assurance supervisor.

Corporate experience: Magnopus (Quality Assurance Manager), Zindagi Games (Associate Producer, Art Team Manager), Nexon America (Production Coordinator), Activision/Call of Duty franchise (Jr Systems Analyst/Database Administrator/QA Trainer), Naughty Dog/The Last of Us (QA Engineer), Inhance Digital (Video Game Independent Contractor).

Areas of expertise: video games development, quality assurance, music production.

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