The Six Dragons Review – Skyrim on the Blockchain?

If you’ve ever fantasized of taking take Skyrim onto the blockchain, then you’re in good company. The Six Dragons may be one of the hottest up and coming RPG blockchain title to look out for in 2020 and beyond.

Its blockchain integration allows all items and in-game assets to be stored on the Ethereum blockchain and trading with other players (or converted into cryptocurrency). It introduces a novel level of blockchain integration unseen in an open world RPG ever before with significant Play to Earn potential if the game gains a large enough audience (and isn’t susceptible to too much botting).

Having recently launched into Pre-Alpha, they have launched a teaser version of the game which we will be checking out. The Six Dragons largely follows the preordained Elder Scrolls tyle open world RPG format including a large open world expanse to explore. Whether it entirely hits the nail on the head and brings life to the open world RPG genre is what we hear to find out – and most importantly, what life can the blockchain breathe into the genre?

Wallet Setup

To start playing the first thing you need to do is sign up for a game account in-game then install the popular Enjin Wallet on your phone then either create a new wallet with the Enjin app / use your existing Enjin wallet or import an existing Ethereum wallet file. A full guide for registration can be found here. Keep in mind it may be necessary to keep a small amount of Ethereum in your wallet to access certain game features.

I ended up creating a new account and transferring $10 worth of Eth over to it to test the waters. From there the process is relatively easy – you simple add a confirmation code into the Enjin app and it links you up with your account automatically and you can login. 

First Thoughts

I’ll be honest getting in game was quite exciting for me. It’s Skyrim on the blockchain baby! What more can we say?  Just kidding! After finishing the download and connecting my wallet, I found myself quite excited to be venturing first into the first open world blockchain RPG.

The art style and graphics of the Six Dragons are surprisingly immersive compared to most other blockchain game and thanks to a gorgeous graphics engine that was charming enough to win me over even though it may not be as good as some competing triple A titles.

The game also has some stunning artwork which really stands out. Though it certainly can’t compete in raw eye candy with some other triple A RPG titles, the graphics are still far from hard on the eyes. It also has an amazing soundtrack and surprisingly great sound design. With over two years in development, it’s clear the indie studio have put some effort into this.

Say hello to the blockchains scariest monster yet

The game has enough and over 300 unique items.  and item crafting and enchanting so expects loot to be a big part of the equation as with any great RPG. It has dynamic weather and some amazing artwork to go with it along with a surprising number of original monsters. You can also switch between third person and first person perspective at any time.

Blockchain adventuring has never looked this good

In AMA with the founder of BlockPegnio back in June, the studio behind the Six Dragons, he discussed the future of the game including full multiplayer integratio. This includes planned eSports potential via PvP engagements between players in a unique blend of survival and first person combat.

Getting Deeper

On closer inspection, it’s still very clear that this version is named pre-Alpha for a reason. The game is far from complete in its current form and the open world, though large, often feels quite empty. There are virtually no scripted interactions with you and other NPC’s (hint hint – soon you will be interacting with real players instead) and it leads to a feeling of isolation which detracts from the immersion in its current form.

One exciting feature are arenas which are scattered across the world accessible via special keys. They put you one on one with a boss creature for the potential of having extra loot.

That said, the potential is certainly there and the developers make it quite clear its current form is incomplete on many levels. Another small problem for me was long loading times when accessing my blockchain wallet from in game when crafting items. Although the graphics engine is stunning at times, the terrain itself is quite sparce and could also do with some more detail to help bring players into the world more.

Keeping Your Loot on the Blockchain

The true power of the Six Dragons is of course not just it’s regular gameplay – it’s the blockchain technology powering various aspects of the game that make it really interesting.

All of your items, recipes and materials are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can be trading easily between players on the blockchain and viewed from inside the Enjin wallet app. In theory, this means that if the Six Dragons develops a large enough audience, then there is legitimate play to earn potential through trading.

Despite The Six Dragons unique blockchain integrations, only time will tell whether or not these innovations will be seen as valuable to the mainstream gaming market and will attract a large enough player base to really get the blockchain item ecosystem off the ground.

The game features stiff competition from many triple A RPG titles in the greater gaming market at large and also other blockchain games, and it’s blockchain components may simply not be attractive enough when it eventually does launch on Steem. On the plus side, it has a gorgeous graphics engine with and an extremely innovative blockchain based itemization system.

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