LiteBringer PC RPG Review – A Blockchain RPG Worth Playing?

If you are a fan of RPG’s and blockchain gaming then you may be in for a treat. The makes of popular RPG Tibia have decided to go on-chain and have developed a promising open world multiplayer RPG called LiteBringer. Your characters and all of your gear are stored on the Litecoin blockchain. Trading will allow you to trade items and earn money, at least in theory.

What’s promising is the long lasting success of the teams previous MMORPG combined with some gorgeous artwork and a professional finish which might just give LiteBringer a chance to gain widespread adoption.

Subscription Fees

The one downside of LiteBringer is that to play you require a subscription. This is paid in Litecoin with an average quoted price of around 1 Euro per month, though for the launch period this fee has been drastically reduced.

Luckily the ability to find and trade items should give dedicated players a chance to recoup this fee in kind, though this will only be possible of LiteBringer picks up steam and gains some level of widespread adoption.

Setting Up the Game

The game setup requires you to first sync with the blockchain (only 150mb at the time of writing) and then allows you to connect an existing account or create a new account. For our test we used a new account and the process was relatively streamlined.

Once your Litecoin account is setup you need to send some Litecoin to your wallet address to be able to start playing.


Gameplay for LiteBringer is relatively shallow and requires you to complete simple quests to level up, improve your character, and collect powerful items. Unfortunately, this can turn into quite the grind and the lack of in-game graphics can make the process quite tedious over time.

That said, fans of casual browser based RPG‘s might find that LiteBringer offers some good fun despite its limitations. For a more in-depth review we recommend Castle Cryptos review here.



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