Gods Unchained Review – Can It Live Up to MTG and Hearthstone?

Gods Unchained is not just one of the top performing blockchain games released in recent years, it’s also one of the few online trading card games that offers some legitimate competition to industry leaders such as Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. So the question is, aside from the ability for players to earn real money from trading cards, can the game really live up to the competition as fun game to play? With an upcoming expansion, Trial of the Gods set for release soon, we set out to explore what players are saying about Gods Unchained and its growing popularity.


Many TCG veterans of games such as hearthstone have praised the game mechanics and engine for at the very least offering some viable competition and introducing some new innovations to the genre.

There has also been a lot of positive feedback regarding the games’ consistent updates and improvements, along with public community updates from the developers. The constant work on the game has gained a lot of favor from the community since launch, and it’s a huge positive to know the game is getting better over time.


Despite the positive feedback, Gods Unchained is not without its fair share of criticism. Many users have stated the game has a learning curve that is too steep for many new players. They have also criticized the game for using too many similar mechanics from Hearthstone, despite some of its own innovations.

The player base, although large for a blockchain based game, is still nowhere near the size of Hearthstone, which has hundreds of millions of players, or Magic the Gathering Arena, which has a few million players. Gods Unchained on he other hand is limited to less than 1000 players a day, making it a lot less friendly for newer players who have just started playing who will most likely be matched up with much more experienced opponents.


Despite Gods Unchaineds’ huge potential, at the moment the limited player base is a huge hurdle that the team must overcome if it hopes to compete with the leading industry giants in the TGC genre. The team needs to focus more on the planned Esports competitions it originally intended to run in order to attract new players and keep the player base strong. Until that time, it’s not going to be easy for many to enjoy the game with such a small elite group of players and not many new users playing the game.

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